November 6, 2017

Onsite IT Engineer and Remote Backup Services

Remote Data Backup Services


  • Medium and small businesses must be able to safeguard their critical data and strive to improve resilience in preparation for times of unexpected disasters and major disruptions.
  • It’s not safe for them to just do backup data to tapes and manually carry and store in insecure places without any proper security processes.
  • Besides direct impact on revenue loss or cash flow problems, companies have to deal with loss of data, assets and productivity. Service reputation may also suffer which in turn affects the confidence level of customers, suppliers and partners.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Remote data storage service combines the best of online and local backup technologies to meet the needs of small businesses. Our service includes a data-storage device connected to a network that synchronizes files to a secure, remote storage facility, providing a simple, reliable solution for businesses with 5-50 employees to protect and store their files.
  • With an integrated backup utility that supports PCs, laptops, and servers, remote data storage service offers comprehensive data protection for your small business. De-duplication and open file support assures that all data is transferred to the vault, regardless of Internet bandwidth. In addition, with remote access through the web, SAFE provides convenient, on-the-road access to all your backed up files.
  • To prevent data loss from viruses or computer-system failures on your network, the local file storage device offers a fast, reliable location for backups and restores. To protect against site disasters, files are automatically encrypted and synchronized to a secure, remote storage facility. In the case of a site disaster, data is re-loaded and returned to the customer.

Onsite IT Engineer Services


  • Organizations face the challenges of hiring and maintaining skillful IT engineers to operate, support IT-related in their business.
  • And at the same time, organizations hope to reduce manpower attrition to the minimum while they are not ready to give out their networks for service providers to fully manage.


BDOOP provides skillful engineers and IT helpdesks to work at your sites based on pre-determined scope of works.

Our Offerings

BDOOP is able to offer onsite IT engineer services to manage the following IT areas:

  • Network devices
  • Servers
  • SAN/Disk Units
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS
  • AIX OS
  • Applications
  • Data Storage and Archival
  • IPS, IDS, Firewall
  • IT Helpdesk