November 10, 2017

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

COONS provides comprehensive services for mobile application development for all main platforms including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

We build mobile solutions improving your business effectiveness and efficiency. We have a strong knowledge base to guide you along the process of mobile application development.

Developing for Windows, Android and iOS

Our depth of knowledge using Android and native iOS app development helps to enhance your company efficiency through enterprise mobility.

Our software engineers use cutting edge methods with both Android and iOS app development. Staying current with app development trends allows our engineers to recognize and respond to changes in the market.

Innovation in Enterprise Mobility

Whether you’d like to improve employee productivity, investigate untapped specialized customer-bases, or expand your existing customer base, we provide solutions for your app development needs that will increase enterprise mobility and stimulate growth.

Mobile Strategy

We collaborate with you to develop your mobile strategy. We want to make sure the planned product meets your desired outcome. Years of experience with mobile technologies combined with a profound study of your domain and a desire for excellence allow us to ensure that you receive top-quality solutions for your business.

We use structured, well-organized methods in our mobile app development. Below, we’ve detailed some key components that you will be exposed to when collaborating with us.


From the inception to final delivery, our team is available to help you. Whilst there are always small modifications throughout project, we believe that everything from wireframes to screen designs for the mobile app should be established before we write any code. Our experience has proven that such preparation in advance generally lessens the likelihood of unexpected issues coming up later.

Project Management

We strive to ensure project delivery that is timely and according to your specs. The project manager we assign to you will act as your main point of contact for all information related to your project. As the liaison between the design and development team and you, your project manager is always up to date with your mobile application development status and will be able to answer your questions.

Deployment and Maintenance

App deployment is a fragile process in which simple errors can mean that your app is not approved in the app stores. Fortunately, our professional app developers are available to assist you in deploying your app. For larger scale mobile application development projects, we also offer app maintenance programs that are customized for your app to ensure timely updates and smooth functioning on all devices and platforms.