November 6, 2017

Managed Server And Storage Services

Customer Challenges

  • Increase in data storage.
  • Increase in complexity in managing different tiers of storage.
  • Increase in storage management costs.
  • Increase in server types and operating systems.
  • Increase in the number of on-site and off-site server locations.
  • Service disruption and Data lost, business lost.
  • Difficulty and cost of supporting a 24×7 operation.
  • IT environments are becoming increasingly complex to architect, operate and manage.
  • Peace of mind to focus on core business, improve revenue, productivity and competitive.

Solutions Overview

BDOOP Managed Server Services are supported by our round-the-clock HDS. With Best-of-Breed Fault & Performance monitoring tools, rest assured that your critical applications are managed professionally in a secured environment.

Our Managed Storage Services include management and support services for an enterprise’s storage infrastructure. We ensure availability and optimize performance of the storage systems through proactive support tools and services.

  • Monitoring – event data collection, notification and review with support vendor, monitoring of storage utilization, 24×7 monitoring and escalation (enterprise level storage subsystems only).
  • Operational and Configuration Management – Event handling and fault resolution, plan and coordinate hardware and software maintenance with service provider, maintain up-to-date system configuration documentation.
  • Providing monthly fault statistics.
  • Providing monthly storage utilization.
  • Managed data replication service for added protection.

Customer Benefits

  • Eliminate downtime and associated costs
  • Save on server support costs
  • Free-up your personnel for projects that build value for your organization
  • Off-hours monitoring and maintenance for peace of mind
  • Flexibility to manage IT resources (budgets, skills, training, project needs) more effectively.
  • Ability to deploy, manage and operate more complex solutions.
  • 24×7 accesses to expertise that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Predictable monthly costs.