November 6, 2017

IT Services

Managed Networks Services

COONS Managed Network Services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to monitor your IT infrastructure based on a service delivery framework that adheres to a set of processes for speedy network fault detection and performance monitoring. Read more.

Managed Server and Storage Services

COONS Managed Server Services are supported by our round-the-clock HDS. With Best-of-Breed Fault & Performance monitoring tools, rest assured that your critical applications are managed professionally in a secured environment.

Our Managed Storage Services include management and support services for an enterprise’s storage infrastructure. We ensure availability and optimize performance of the storage systems through proactive support tools and services.

  • Monitoring – event data collection, notification and review with support vendor, monitoring of storage utilization, 24×7 monitoring and escalation (enterprise level storage subsystems only).
  • Operational and Configuration Management – Event handling and fault resolution, plan and coordinate hardware and software maintenance with service provider, maintain up-to-date system configuration documentation.
  • Providing monthly fault statistics.
  • Providing monthly storage utilization.
  • Managed data replication service for added protection. Read more.

Managed Security Services

With a rigorous 6-phase procedure, we seek to fully understand your security requirements and deliver a customized approach to meet your security needs. Read more.

Maintenance Services

COONS Maintenance Services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to provide preventive maintenance, incident maintenance, hardware replacement services based on a service delivery framework that adheres to a set of processes to meet SLAs required. Read more

Onsite IT Engineer and Remote Backup Services

Remote Data Backup Services : Remote data storage service combines the best of online and local backup technologies to meet the needs of small businesses. Our service includes a data-storage device connected to a network that synchronizes files to a secure, remote storage facility, providing a simple, reliable solution for businesses with 5-50 employees to protect and store their files. Read more.

Onsite IT Engineer Services: COONS provides skillful engineers and IT helpdesks to work at your sites based on pre-determined scope of works. Read more.

DataCenter Hosting Services

Today, enterprises are not just concerned about hosting and managing the storage of their expanding volumes of data. They are also concerned about the technology behind such storage management, the associated costs, management issues, and technology refresh cycles.

In an increasingly complex IT environment, data centers are expected to operate efficiently despite the use of various cost-containment strategies. Organizations are no longer influenced by the perception that more features means more cost commitments. Rather, they seek solutions that provide the best at manageable cost levels. By leveraging various technologies and processes, organizations can better protect information and applications, enhance data centre service levels, improve storage and server utilization, manage physical and virtual environments, and drive down capital and operational costs. Read more.